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Take a Look Inside my Pop Piano Teaching Course

by Tim Topham

Dive in and teach pop music to your students.

07/30/2019 Read more

New Course: A Complete Guide to Digital Music Notation

by Fraser Myers

Have your students print out a score of their very own compositions.

02/13/2019 Read more

My New GarageBand Course for Piano Teachers

by Tim Topham

GarageBand Course What do you get when you cross a drum machine with an orchestra and a recording studio? Yup, you get one of the best free apps available for piano teachers: GarageBand. Available FREE to all iPad, iPhone and Mac laptop users, GarageBand is literally a band and recording studio in your pocket. For ... My New GarageBand Course for Piano Teachers

05/22/2018 Read more

The Power of 4 Chord Composing

by Tim Topham

Introduction All month we have explored the importance of composition in the piano studio. Now, I am excited to share with you an online course which I have been spending heaps of time creating over the past months. It’s called my 4 Chord Composing course. The following post will explain why teaching chords and composition is so ... The Power of 4 Chord Composing

08/23/2017 Read more