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Essential resources for planning your piano workshop activities

by Marie Lee

I’m so glad that Inner Circle member Marie Lee (who you saw on TTTV Podcast Episode 37) has been able to write a blog article this week, continuing the theme of Summer Camps and planning your Piano Workshop Activities. In this article Marie tell it how it is: if you’re not providing summer camp/workshop options, you may need a new prescription!  ... Essential resources for planning your piano workshop activities

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Teaching group piano, classes and labs

by Tim Topham

If you've ever wondered how you can have a wider impact on a larger number of students while increasing your income and teaching fewer hours, then group teaching month at topmusic.co is going to be perfect for you. Even if you don't think that groups are your cup of tea, hang in there because teaching groups takes many different forms and this month's articles and podcasts will consider all the different options and how you can test them out in your own studio. Teachers often tell me that they struggle to fit everything in: not just in their lessons (eg. theory, aural, sight reading, etc.), but also in their own lives: teaching, lesson preparation, going to workshops, exploring new ideas or repertoire and still finding time for family, friends and a social life. The problem is...

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