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TC218: Emotive Repertoire for Teens and Adults from Movies & New Age

By Tim Topham | Podcast

Nov 27 2020

TopCast 218 - Emotive Repertoire for Teens and Adults from Movies & New Age

In this episode, find 20+ emotive teen piano repertoire picks that appeal to older or adult students, complete with play-through demos.

Teen and adult students require extra repertoire planning, because you’re not often teaching from a method book, but finding specific pieces that appeal to their unique tastes. They often gravitate toward darker, moodier, rich, chordal-based music with repetitive lines.

We’ll look at themes from movies and popular new-age style composers, from Yiruma to Einaudi, in this episode, (and save you some time playing through them all yourself!)

Transcript of the show about emotive repertoire for teens

If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, you’ll hear our 20+ emotive teen repertoire picks

  • All of Me – Piano Guys
  • Comptine d’un autre ete – Amelie theme
  • Cristofori’s Dream – David Lanz
  • Forrest Gump theme (in Piano for Leisure series book)
  • Glasgow theme from Love, Actually
  • Kiss the Rain, and A River Flows in You – Yiruma
  • Primavera – Einaudi
  • Gymnopedie no. 1 – Satie
  • Le Onde “The Waves” – Ludovico Einaudi
  • Nuvole Bianche “The Clouds” – from Insidious – Einaudi
  • Schindler’s List theme
  • Song for Guy – Elton John
  • The Heart Asks Pleasure First and Big My Secret – Michael Nyman from The Piano
  • American Beauty theme – John Williams
  • St. Elmo’s Fire theme
  • Summer of ’42 theme
  • Tubular Bells from The Exorcist
  • Metamorphosis works – Philip Glass
  • Chariots of Fire theme
  • In My Place; Atlas; Fix You – Coldplay


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About the Author

Tim Topham is the founder and director of TopMusic. Tim hosts the popular TopCast show, blogs regularly at and speaks at local and international conferences on topics such as pedagogy, business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Tim has been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher Magazine, California Music Teacher and EPTA Piano Professional. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, BMus, DipEd and AMusA.

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