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Cure Admin Headaches for Good with the

Studio Policy Tune Up Powerpack


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Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Do admin tasks slow you down?

As your business evolves, your policies and systems should too.

Eep. Sounds time-consuming.

Why reinvent the wheel?
Just use ours.


How would it feel to simply ‘copy & paste’
to have everything you need for

➜ Registration
➜ Missed lesson protocol
➜ Late payments
➜ Policies

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Ready made videos,
registration forms and
client emails make it easy to
look professional and save time.

Spend more time teaching or relaxing 🏖
not worrying about your studio.


Efficient systems in the
TopMusic Studio Policy TuneUp Powerpack
help you save time and provide a
smooth, professional service for your clients.



Find out exactly how to:

✅ Set up tuition to get paid well AND on time

✅ Communicate policies clearly (on paper AND in person)

✅ Handle the most common situations in your studio business seamlessly (#goodbyestress)

What’s Included?

Policy Examples

• Policy planning tips
• Policy examples from experienced teachers

Find out how to make a policy that gets followed.

Payment Structures

• Tips and examples to structure tuition, expenses and income

Use our Payment Structures Calculator to calculate the salary you want.

Done-for-You Templates

• Registration forms
• Missed lesson emails
• Essential client communication

Save tons of time with ready made templates.

Communication Tips

• Tips to enforce your policy firmly and positively in the moment

Prepare clients for a smooth year and handle any bumps in the road with ease.

Policy Video Lesson

Learn the most important things to implement with policies and tuition to have policies understood and followed.

Billing Worksheet Video

Find out exactly how to structure billing to be convenient for you and your clients.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Plus a Bonus!

Get a set of “I Play Music Because…” and
“I Teach Music Because…” posters for you to enjoy with your students


“The surprising part about implementing firmer policies?
My clients see faster gains in their playing and are
excited at each lesson.
They value their lesson and practice more highly resulting in a better education experience.”

– Sarah


You might be wondering…

Is it worth it?

  • Save tons of time with done-for-you emails, forms and messages complete with scripts to know what to say in the most common confrontational moments in your professional life. If admin tasks take a considerable amount of your work week, these templates are worth it.
  • Reduce stress and have confidence to enforce policies both on paper and in person. If you’ve spent time stressing over a situation with a client, these prepared messages and scripts will help reduce the amount of exceptions requested, and give ideas to resolve them quickly and easily.

Is it Time Consuming?

  • Setting up new systems takes time. Using ‘done-for-you’ templates will take much less time than doing it yourself.

Why pay for templates when I can do it myself?

  • Maybe you already have this all figured out. But if you don’t, it’s worth using a cheat sheet from teachers who have.

    Using templates from experienced teachers will help to ensure fewer exception requests, MUCH less time spent on scheduling and registration, and tuition will roll in on time.

    When doing it yourself it’s easy to miss details, set policies that may be easily challenged, or to be unsure how to enforce new policies when situations arise.

Strong business systems enhance your client experience.

Happy clients are loyal clients, which saves you time and money marketing for new ones
(and likely brings you more referrals).