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Thanks so much for being a part of the webinar today.

I hope you got tons of great value to help improve your teaching, build and grow your studio and keep your students thriving. 

As a thank-you for watching through to the end, please find links to your webinar bonuses below.

Click the link to download each bonus. 

  1. Your Certificate of Professional Learning. Great for your professional development records. 
  2. Bonus 1: Equipment and Software Link Sheet - Here's a quick reference of the most commonly-used software and hardware for online piano lessons. Don't waste time testing your own gear - use the ones we recommend and get started today. 
  3. Bonus 2: Minimising Problems Teacher and Student Checklist - Want to know how to get your students up to speed in order to avoid technical issues before they even emerge? Here's your checklist of what to do.
  4. Bonus 3: Vimeo Instruction Template - Want a quick way to get your students' parents up to speed with accessing your shiny new Vimeo page? Just add your details to this template, email and you're away.  

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