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How does the internet impact on how you teach?

If you’re an Australian educator, you may well have come across Andrew Douch and his excellent education blog.piano teaching blogs

He writes compelling articles, many focussing on the intersection between technology and education.

This recent post is about the general changes taking place in education as we move from the model of teachers being “know-it-all information repositories” and students being “empty vessels in need of filling with knowledge” to one in which teachers are facilitators and guides of learning and where a lot of knowledge and information is found online.

Here’s a sneak-peak to get you thinking:

Twenty years ago, knowledge was one of the most valuable things a teacher contributed to the learning experience of students. Now it doesn’t even make the top ten. I think an equally valid question to ask is this: What can teachers bring to the classroom that not only still has value, but which has increasing value?

Granted, he’s talking about classroom teaching and most of us work one-on-one, but I think the concept still applies to anyone teaching students any kind of factual information (the sort of thing we might need to do for general knowledge or ‘viva voce’ tests and exams). How can we continue to provide teaching that has increasing value while supporting technological innovation?

via What can teachers bring to the classroom, that has increasing value? | Douchy’s Blog.

Does the availability of instant-access knowledge online for students have an impact in your studio? Eg. learning terms or theory concepts?