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Looking to nurture lifelong musicians in your piano studio?

Introducing No Book Beginners - A Revolutionary Framework for Instrumental Music Teachers.

Dear Piano Teacher,

Right now we find ourselves at a crucial crossroads where traditional methods are no longer sufficient to engage and inspire young learners. 

How do we innovate our piano lessons for beginner students, while still providing the fundamental training we know is essential? 

That's precisely what No Book Beginners is all about.

Whether you're an independent teacher seeking a better approach, a classically-trained instructor seeking creative ideas, or a seasoned educator in need of a refresh, No Book Beginners will enrich your teaching and open new avenues of creativity.

Imagine a world where your students explore music through creative activities, discover the fundamentals of rhythm and harmony, and develop a passion for musical expression all in their first few lessons. 

With No Book Beginners, you'll guide your students on a journey of self-discovery, building their confidence and fostering a lifelong love for music.

About the author

An internationally recognised leader in music education, Tim Topham has been helping to reshape and recharge the often traditional landscape of instrumental music education since 2010 as the founder of

Tim’s vision of a more creative, modern and integrated approach to music teaching has seen him speak on stages from the USA to UK and Australia, publish numerous articles and record hundreds of podcasts and teaching videos for teachers.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Music, a Diploma of Education and a Master of Business Administration in Educational Leadership. He also holds a Diploma in Piano Performance (AMusA) and has over 20 years experience of teaching and leading programs internationally.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in this book:

The results you'll notice in your studio

“Since the advent of unbelievably prevalent sheet music, we've become very tied to the written note… I think the pendulum has just swung too far in the other direction and now, it's coming back again.”

– Lucinda Mackworth-Young.

This is Not Another Method

As a music educator, you know that every student is unique, and their journey into the world of music should be just as special. That's why 'No Book Beginners' isn't just another method; it's a flexible, adaptable framework designed to work harmoniously with your current teaching style.

Methods are designed for one main purpose - to teach music reading.

No Book Beginners is different. The main pillar behind this book is to delay reading and instead use your first precious lessons with beginners to establish the skills of music internalisation, understanding, exploration and passion.

In this way we teach music as someone would learn a language – with understanding first and reading second.

Early Praise for

No Book Beginners

Solid ideas, strong doses of borrowed confidence… You are a pioneer in the evolution of music education.

Nick Ambrosino

Author of 'Coffee with Ray' and 'Lessons with Matt'
Lyndel Kennedy

A highly recommended read if you want to move meaningfully forward in your teaching journey.

Lyndel Kennedy


Creativity in music education is the future. This will be a real game changer.

Ruth Power

founder of

Students love being heard… Parents are delighted… Win win win!

Rebecca Stewart

author of ‘Sight Reading Secrets’

It’s a really thorough, thoughtful and inspiring approach, beautifully set out.

Simon Rushby

Music Education Expert, Composer & Performer

An urgent, overdue reform… It’s crying out for a TED talk

Philip Johnston

pianist, composer and author of ‘The Practice Revolution’, ‘The Dynamic Studio’ and others
piano teachers PD

Tim’s book is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is feeling the limitations of traditional, read-first teaching methods.

Paul Myatt

Forte School of Music

A terrific contribution to the world of creative music education.

Sydney Wallace

obo Forrest Kinney Publications

I wish every single piano teacher in the world would use it, follow it and memorise every word.

Laura Porter

Co-Founder of ‘LessonMate’; Director of Bloom School of Music and Dance & the Bloom Arts Foundation

These light-bulb moments are waiting for you

  • How did we get here? A quick history on how method books became the foundation of most beginner piano lessons.

  • The heartbreaking truth about where this over-reliance on method books has gotten us (it’s worse than you think), and why urgent change is needed.

  • The 5 technical deficiencies plaguing our students in this current method-book-obsessed paradigm.

  • The underlying principles of the No Book Beginners framework (and why you’ll NEVER want to go back to the old way).

  • What meaningful change needs to look like in order to turn things around.

  • Why the statement “I haven’t got a creative bone in my body” is hurting your potential (& the potential of your students). 

  • What creative music teaching REALLY looks like and how you can begin to explore and become confident in it (even if you can’t imagine it right now!).

  • The incredible instant pay-offs of using the No Book Beginners approach for your studio (+ how these advantages will snow-ball in the long term!).

  • Done-for-you full lesson plans for the first FIVE No Book Beginners lessons (full walk-through provided!).

  • Adapt & THRIVE: How you can tweak this framework to perfectly suit atypical beginners including preschoolers, teens, adults and neurodivergent students.

  • What comes next? A list of incredible resources to continue along your new obsession toward a brighter musical future!

A letter for you from Tim Topham
TopMusic HQ – Melbourne, victoria

Dear teachers - I'm so excited that you're here! 

I know you'll gain incredible value from reading this book and can't wait for you to be sharing the joy of more creative, confident lessons with your future students right from the beginning.

While the ideas in this book have been producing revolutionary outcomes for teachers across the globe, the implementation is simple. I encourage you to choose just one of the ideas and test it out with your students before deciding whether to go "all-in" on a no-book approach in your studio.

You'll soon realise just how fun and engaging this approach can be (for you AND your students) but more importantly, just how much of an impact these creative activities will have on your students' understanding of musical concepts like rhythm, meter, harmony, tonal centre, melody and much more.

I can't wait to add your stories of success with those you'll find throughout the book. Make sure you stay in touch with us and send any questions or stories to

Your piano teaching friend, 

Tim Topham

Author of No Book Beginners & Founder of

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