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Helping you become a more successful music teacher

Find out how to Teach Music More Creatively

Ready to make a connection with the students of 2021? Today's musicians expect a more creative and flexible approach to their music lessons. If you are traditionally trained and feeling a little out of your depth, you're not alone. Let's work together to reignite your passion for teaching music with fun and inspiring activities that your students will love.

I have a 17 year old lad who's been with me for approximately 10 years. He is currently preparing his programme for his leaving Cert practical. I know he's been feeling the pressure from life so I asked him this week if he'd like to have a go at the 12 bar blues. Boy, you should have seen his face light up!! Thanks for giving me the tools... and the push to change my teaching!


Nowadays there is SO much information out there and it's very nice to know that here you will find the best and most innovative resources.

Madrid, Spain
helping piano teachers get creative

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Thank you so much, I am really enjoying your videos. I am one of those teachers who taught myself to improvise, taught myself to play chords and accompany. But as a teacher, having learned chording "by ear", I struggle to know how to teach my students the same skills in a concise, simple way that makes sense to them. These videos are very helpful!

Wisconsin, USA

I’ve been inspired by the chord-based piano videos at and my tween piano students love it! We are doing more improvising and churning through repertoire at a much higher rate than previously.

Eden Rhode Island, USA
Rhode Island, USA

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Thank you for extending yourself above and beyond what anyone could ever expect. You have been such a great source of encouragement and inspiration and I am most grateful for all you do. I can only imagine how blessed your students must feel having you as their teacher.

Ohio, USA

I’m super excited to say that I began watching Tim’s “Teaching 12 Bar Blues” course and have taught the first lesson to four students so far. One was the boy I’d like to “fire” because he just won’t practice! He got a big goofy smile on his face and laughed while he started playing. I hope this is the beginning of him loving piano.

Idaho, USA

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