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Since 2016, TopMusicPro has helped hundreds of music teachers re-connect with today’s busy, overscheduled music students. We provide the resources, guidance and expertise to create more meaningful guitar lessons.

Whether you are a new teacher wanting to start a guitar teaching studio, or a teaching veteran looking to refresh your approach, TopMusicGuitar membership is the key to unlock all the creative teaching tools, business advice and support you need to become a more confident teacher and savvy business owner.

Featured Podcast Reviews

TweeterPop on Jul 26, 2022 from United States

This is great information for the modern-day guitarist! Amazing information, and conversation! Congrats and thank you! 😊

Great find!
PlayitagainChris on Jul 22, 2022 from United States

I’m glad I found this podcast! It’s like going to a master class or teaching conference every episode. Thank you for sharing such useful information to help in our music studios! This podcast is off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to see where it grows from here!

Advice from experienced teachers
EmilyLaney on May 12, 2022 from United States

Nice find for getting advice from people who’ve built successful guitar studios. You can expand your teaching knowledge so rapidly just speed listening through these things. Great find!

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