#045: Getting Your Beginner Guitar Students Strumming with the “Cheat Chord” Method feat. Sam Blake

Our guest today is Sam Blake, owner of BMT School of Music in the UK, who began his guitar teaching career by riding his bike to give guitar lessons in peoples’ homes. He tells us his story on how he transitioned from being a private guitar teacher to now owning his music school. He also talks about hiring the right people and delegating tasks so that you can focus on areas that bring value to your business. We also shared some of our insights about having a positive mindset towards money and how this can help your family and your business. And finally, Sam also shared about the BMT guitar program that they use for their beginner guitar students and how this actually works.

  • Sam shared a brief background of his journey, from being a private guitar teacher to now owning a music school.
  • How he transitioned from being a private guitar teacher to building his music school, the BMT School of Music.
  • The value of building your business skills while running a music school and hiring other teachers.
  • Hiring and delegating the best person for each role to help your business succeed.
  • Having a positive mindset towards money can help you provide better for yourself, your family and your business.
  • Some thoughts about the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
  • Being measured by our credentials and academic capability to be able to find a career.
  • The importance of teaching success principles in schools.
  • The things that you learn in guitar lessons that you can apply to everyday life.
  • Sam tells us about their BMT guitar program in his music school.
  • The “Cheat Chords” method for beginner guitar students and how it works.
  • One piece of wisdom from Sam for the listeners.

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Today’s Guest

Sam Blake is both teacher and owner of BMT School of Music in the UK. He began his career in 2005 by riding his bike to give guitar lessons in peoples’ homes. As a self taught musician, his ethos has always been to teach the way he learnt, making it fun and easy through music students want to learn. Becoming a parent at just nineteen pushed him to build his business further whilst eventually becoming a married father of four homeschooled children.

BMT School of Music now serves over 200 students, employs 8 teachers and runs in 2 locations as well as surrounding schools. Sam and the school have taught several accomplished musicians who have gone on to make either a career in music or just have music as a big part of their life!

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