Chart Toppers and Chord Progressions Webinar:

Simplifying Hits for Every Student

Australia: Friday, May 10, 2024 8am Melbourne
USA: Thursday, May 9, 2024 6pm EST
Europe: Thursday, May 9, 2024 11pm London


Are your piano students lacking engagement?

Are you struggling to keep them motivated?

Then, it’s time to introduce pop songs!

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      – 10-Week Teaching Plan
      – Ultimate Guide to LH Patterns
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For many classically trained piano teachers, pop songs are an enigma and wayyyy out of their comfort zone.
But for many piano students, pop songs are enticing and a way to impress their friends and family.

Tim Topham is a pop song pro. Want proof?

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Tim is inviting you to an exclusive webinar, during which he will unpack pop songs and demonstrate how you can teach them to students of all levels

He’ll take two songs and use the Pop Song Solutions approach to provide you with practical insights and strategies for teaching pop music to students from beginners all the way up to advanced students.

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Which songs?

‘Cruel Summer’ by Taylor Swift (the Swifties in your studio will love this)

‘Beautiful Things’ by Benson Boone (a relatively new song that will definitely win you “cool teacher” points)

(Please note: song choices are subject to change)


You will:

✅ Learn how to work through the five levels of Pop Song Solutions.
✅ Understand how to help your newbie piano players play the melody of their favourite songs.
✅ Feel confident to guide your advanced students to create their own arrangements and put their personal spin on pop songs.
✅ Explore how left-hand patterns can make a song feel completely different.
✅ Receive the TopMusic Pop Level Blueprint, so you can always have Tim’s Pop Song Solutions approach to hand.


Want all these and more?

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✅ An exclusive bonus live Q&A session with Tim. If you have questions about teaching pop songs or chords, now’s your chance!
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     – TopMusicSheets Collection by Forrest Kinney(an incredibly creative collection including chord activities and different ways you can style Happy Birthday)
     – TopMusicSheets Collection by Brock Chart (a collection of brilliantly fun pieces to play in various genres, from pop, rock, jazz, and even a lullaby!)
     – TopMusic Pop Level BluePrint (So you can work through Tim’s Pop Song Solutions approach)
     – Pop Teaching Flowchart (To help you get your thoughts and plans together)
     – Top 10 Pop Songs for Piano Students (Students of all ages love these songs)
     – 10-Week Teaching Plan (10 lesson plans and homework tasks focusing on teaching chords)
     – Ultimate Guide to Left-Hand Patterns (A super useful guide to refer to when adding an interesting left-hand accompaniment to pop songs)
✅ Access to the webinar replay
And the BEST BONUS: One month FREE Access to TopMusicPro Studio (so you can delve into even more courses, webinars, and resources for teaching pop music)

Who is this online webinar for?

This online webinar is for all music teachers with students of all ages and levels.

Will the online webinar be recorded?

Yes, but the replay is only available for our VIP attendees. If you are not able to make it live, please consider upgrading.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Webinar Host

Tim Topham

Your webinar host and founder of TopMusicCo, the world’s biggest online community of independent music teachers. Tim has 20+ years’ classroom and music teaching experience including 10 years of music entrepreneurship. He’s an internationally-recognised speaker, author, podcaster and blogger and holds degrees including an MBA, BMus and DipEd.