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How To Teach Super Mario Bros. On Piano

by Tim Topham

Do you have students who love Super Mario and would love to learn music from the video game? We have tips to help you out!

03/13/2023 Read more

27 Easy Chord Progressions for Your Piano Students

by Tim Topham

Here are 27 easy chord progressions to inspire your students.

08/31/2022 Read more

Best Student Duets with Just 5-fingers from Diabelli

by Tim Topham

If you haven’t yet introduced the duets of Anton Diabelli to your teaching studio, you are missing out on some of the best student duets for beginner and intermediate students. In fact, as long as students can read a 5-finger position in C Major, they can at least play the first couple of these pieces. Diabelli ... Best Student Duets with Just 5-fingers from Diabelli

08/29/2022 Read more

Product Review: Rockschool Piano Method

by Michael McGregor

Review: Rockschool Piano Method Books 1 & 2 for beginners

07/17/2020 Read more

Take it Easy – The Benefits of Accessible Piano Music

by Liz Craig

Find the hidden joy in teaching accessible piano music (which just might improve retention as well!)

07/07/2020 Read more

How to Create a Piano Lead Sheet from Any Song

by Tim Topham

Get inspired with piano lead sheets!

10/01/2019 Read more

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How to Teach Video Game Music on the Piano

by Tim Topham

A fun task for your next piano lesson!

09/17/2019 Read more

How to Hunt for the Perfect Piece of Piano Music Online

by Tim Topham

Get access to tried and tested sheet music.

08/06/2019 Read more

Take a Look Inside my Pop Piano Teaching Course

by Tim Topham

Dive in and teach pop music to your students.

07/30/2019 Read more

Where to Find Piano Sheet Music for Beginner Students

by Tim Topham

This will make your life a whole lot easier.

07/23/2019 Read more

Electronic Sheet Music vs Paper: Why You Should Make the Switch

by Rob Hampton

Save on paper, save on time and save money.

06/17/2019 Read more

The Importance of Having a Structured Piano Lesson Plan

by Tim Topham

Let me help take the hassle out of piano lesson planning.

04/16/2019 Read more