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Student-Centered Music Lessons

by Tim Topham

Student-centered is one of the four TopMusic Teaching Pillars: But what exactly is it? And why should you be teaching student-centered music lessons? Table of Contents What Is Student-Centered Teaching? Put simply, it’s when the student plays a vital role in decisions regarding their musical education. Rather than you making decisions for them, it’s making ... Student-Centered Music Lessons

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What Is Integrated Music Teaching?

by Georgina Wilson

Integrated Music Teaching is at the heart of everything at TopMusic. But what exactly is it? We sat down with the main man himself, Tim Topham, to ask him. Table of Contents: Let’s start off strong. What IS Integrated Music Teaching? Integrated Music Teaching is a way of teaching that endeavors to always help music ... What Is Integrated Music Teaching?

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Teenage Beginner Piano Students (A Q&A with Jennifer Eklund)

by Tim Topham

Teaching teenage beginner piano students is challenging. Right? Not according to Jennifer Eklund! Before retiring in 2014, Jennifer Eklund taught piano for 20 years. She considered teaching teenage students her specialty – we wanted to quiz her on overcoming the challenges of teaching teenage beginners. Table Of Contents: Teenage Beginner Piano Students Are A Challenge ... Teenage Beginner Piano Students (A Q&A with Jennifer Eklund)

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Teaching Beginner Piano Students with TopMusic

by Tim Topham

Teaching beginner piano students is a widely discussed topic. There are numerous online communities, courses, memberships, video tutorials, etc, etc… We wanted to pool our resources in one place so you can return when you need help and inspiration to teach beginner piano students. PLUS, you can download the FREE copy of the TopMusicMag: Teaching ... Teaching Beginner Piano Students with TopMusic

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Teaching Songwriting to Your Piano Students: A Q&A

by Tim Topham

how can you incorporate teaching songwriting into your piano lessons?

03/25/2024 Read more

How To Teach Songwriting to Your Piano Students

by Tim Topham

So your piano student wants to write their own music. How can you help them?

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My First Summer Camp: Where I Went Wrong

by Tracy Selle

Does the thought of running a summer camp fill you with dread? It does for me. Thinking about a dozen kids all doing a dozen things at once stresses me out. My heart is starting to palpitate as I write this! I used to make excuses. I’m an only child. My husband and I have ... My First Summer Camp: Where I Went Wrong

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5 Tips To Prepare You For Music Camps This Summer

by Tara Wright

Planning a summer camp for your music students this year? These tips will help inspire you and get you started!

02/26/2024 Read more

How To Run A Music Summer Camp

by Georgina Wilson

Running a summer music camp is a fun but overwhelming task. We're here to help!

02/19/2024 Read more

Teaching Neurodivergent Students with TopMusic

by Georgina Wilson

Do you want to create a more inclusive music education for your students, but are unsure how to start?

01/25/2024 Read more

How You Can Positively Impact Neurodivergent Piano Students

by Georgina Wilson

Do you teach neurodivergent piano students? If not, you're missing out on a wonderful and rewarding experience.

01/15/2024 Read more

TopMusic Certification: A Piano Teacher’s Story

by Georgina Wilson

Learn about the TopMusic Certification program experience from a TopMusic Certified piano teacher.

01/08/2024 Read more