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Mike Grande’s Marketing and Studio Secrets

Grow and scale your business with innovative tips and guerilla marketing ideas from Mike Grande of Rock Out Loud.

Unfazed: Teaching Neurodivergent Students

Understand the best ways to teach neurodivergent music students with Selena Pistoreis, the creator of the Milestone Method

Advancing Pianists Course

Learn how to teach repertoire to your advanced students with lessons from Janna Williamson

Teaching Online Lessons

Embark on a journey to become a virtuoso in online piano instruction!

Upbeat Moms

How to balance family life and running your own music education business

The Ultimate Guide to Challenges

21 Challenges You Can Use With Your Students Every Time They Shout Out “I’m Done”

Get More Students

Effective strategies to get more piano students and grow your teaching business

Teaching Popular Music by Ear

Incorporating songs from YouTube into your curriculum

Engaging with Teens

Discover the secrets behind engaging your teen piano students.

Playing with Preschoolers

Discover techniques and strategies for teaching piano to preschoolers.

Courses By Leading Teachers

TopMusic courses are created by today’s leading instrumental teachers, bringing you expert-level advice and know-how for your teaching studio.

Boost your skills with our most popular pedagogy and business courses, created for music teachers.

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No Book Beginners

Do you want your beginner students to be 100% engaged and having FUN with music from the very first lesson? Beginner piano lessons should be the most exciting, creative and engaging lessons you teach.

And you can do it all without even touching a method book. Check out our No Book Beginners Framework.

Build Your Studio Website on WordPress

Learn to build your own music studio website. Websites don’t have to cost $$$ – you can do it yourself with this step-by-step course.

Build your ideal music studio website that students and parents will love.

Teen and Transfer Teaching Toolkit

Learn how to motivate, inspire and retain your teen and transfer students.

You can utilise this popular framework for teaching energising, rewarding and cool lessons for your teen and transfer students.

Studio Policy Tune Up Powerpack

Cure studio owner headaches for good with the this studio admin powerpack. Efficient solutions for tuition, makeup lessons, and more will help you save time and provide a smooth, professional experience for your studio families.

Teaching Students with Special Needs

How great would it feel to welcome students with exceptionalities into your studio, knowing you are well-equipped to teach each person? This course brings you resources from a leading special needs teacher, to help you understand strategies for teaching and creating a welcoming space for all learners.

Taking the Lead Course with Forrest Kinney

Teach your students to play confidently in any style using lead sheets. Use a simple, step-by-step path to connect the dots between traditional theory and lead sheet playing.

Learn the steps to successfully guide students to play any style of music on the piano.

4 Chord Composing Course

Introduce your students to the fun & power of a chord-based approach.

Help students learn and understand the chordal structure of music and teach chord progressions and chord types through the context of composing pop style 4 chord progressions.students to play any style of music on the piano.



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