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Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Student

by Michael Gumley

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Student

07/12/2023 Read more

Best Ways To Learn Guitar Faster

by Bear Greenholtz

Are you looking for the best ways to learn guitar fast? Check out these top tips from Bear Greenholtz!

06/02/2023 Read more

5 Guitar Books Recommended For Guitar Teachers

by Michael Gumley

In a world where it's easy to find guitar repertoire (of all qualities!) online, guitar teachers need to have fantastic resources to hand. These books come highly recommended.

05/04/2023 Read more

5 Must-Have Books For Guitar Teachers in 2023

by Michael Gumley

Even as teachers, we're still learning. From discovering new teaching methods, ways of practicing, or business skills, reading books can help you improve as a guitar teacher and a business owner.

04/27/2023 Read more

Tips For Group Guitar Lessons (I Wish I Knew These When I First Started Teaching!)

by Michael Gumley

Are you thinking about teaching group guitar lessons in your studio but not sure how to get started? These six tips are sure to help you out!

04/14/2023 Read more

Essential Tips For Teaching Better Group Guitar Lessons

by Michael Gumley

Teaching group guitar lessons can be a challenging but incredible rewarding experience. Read our essential tips to help you not make the mistakes we made!

04/07/2023 Read more

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How To Become An Online Guitar Teacher & Content Creator – Interview With Chris Brooks

by Michael Gumley

Learn all about Chris Brooks and how he transitioned from an in-person guitar teacher to selling guitar courses and educational content online.

03/31/2023 Read more

Easy Guitar Lessons for Kids

by Michael Gumley

Introducing the world music to guitar students is exciting but challenging! We have some tips to make teaching guitar to kids easier for teachers.

02/16/2023 Read more

Guitar Chords for Beginners

by Michael Gumley

The process of learning guitar chords for beginners can be tricky. They’re so eager to play their first song but learning the necessary chords can be a stumbling block. We’re here to help you: If you’d like more tips and resources to help you run a fulfilling and stress-free studio, join TopMusicGuitar today. Table Of ... Guitar Chords for Beginners

12/05/2022 Read more

How to Teach Guitar Online

by Michael Gumley

There are many reasons why a guitar teacher might make the decision to start teaching live online guitar lessons, from in-person lessons not always being possible, to simply wanting to keep up with the changing world. No matter your reason for wanting to teach guitar online, you will also be faced with other daunting decisions, ... How to Teach Guitar Online

10/15/2022 Read more

How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022: Your Guide to Platforms & Teaching

by Michael Gumley

How To Deliver The Best Online Guitar Lessons It’s never been a better time to teach guitar online. With just a click of a button you can find ways to help you give the best online guitar lessons, and we’re here to break them down for you: Online platforms that are perfect for teaching guitar ... How to Deliver the Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2022: Your Guide to Platforms & Teaching

10/01/2022 Read more

Why the Traditional Approach to Teaching Guitar is Bad for Your Students

by Michael Gumley

Music teaching is one of the oldest known professions in history. And although we have come a long way since the Middle Ages, unfortunately the method in which music is taught hasn’t changed all that much. Traditionally, musicians were hired by the nobility to perform pieces for entertainment and ceremonies of the court and church ... Why the Traditional Approach to Teaching Guitar is Bad for Your Students

08/04/2022 Read more