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Piano Teacher Grows His Revenue 10x In Less Than 2 Years

by Tim Topham

Phavian Phipat is an experienced piano teacher who trains young beginners aged 10 and under. But when he decided to focus on growing his music teaching business, the task was more difficult than he expected. How This Piano Teacher Used TopMusicPro: Phavian used TopMusicPro’s tools and training to improve his students’ learning enjoyment and success, ... Piano Teacher Grows His Revenue 10x In Less Than 2 Years

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TopMusic Teaching Manifesto

by Tim Topham

If you’ve decided to become a music teacher, you’ve undoubtedly found your vocation. Our journeys to becoming piano teachers can vary.  Whether it was a friend’s child or your own, you may have been asked to teach your grandchild, or you may have been recognized in your neighborhood for being a performer on stage or ... TopMusic Teaching Manifesto

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5 Ways YouTube Can Motivate Guitar Students

by Andrei Kryssov

YouTube is an excellent resource for guitarists. YouTube has thousands of video lessons on guitar playing and music theory. Yet, how do you find these videos? What are the categories of videos that are helpful for students of the guitar? In this post, I’ll break down five broad categories of YouTube videos that will inspire ... 5 Ways YouTube Can Motivate Guitar Students

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Performance Anxiety

by Georgina Wilson

Your students will be more confident in their performances if you follow these five guidelines.

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TopMusicSheets: Sheet Music For Every Piano Teacher

by Tara Wright

Join over 1000 teachers who enjoy a new multi-level studio licensed sheet music collection every month.

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How to Record Online Lessons

by Diego Cardini

Online teaching can be overwhelming. We break down the equipment to get you started.

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How To Balance Family And Teaching

by Tracy Selle

Try these three steps to find balance.

03/30/2022 Read more

3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

by Tracy Selle

Going after goals isn’t easy, but hey – you can definitely increase your odds of getting there faster. Stop doing these three things and you’ll bust out your goals in no time! ​Let’s get right to it! 1. Stop Focusing on Results when Setting Goals Gasp! But what about goal setting?! Can’t I think about ... 3 Mistakes Studio Owners Make When Setting Goals

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2022 Webinar and Course Schedule

by Tim Topham

We’re getting a few questions about what’s actually coming up this year, what webinars are we hosting, what courses are we releasing, all that kind of good stuff. So I’m going to show you quickly our course calendar for 2022, which we’ve finally been able to put into place, which I’m super excited about. February- ... 2022 Webinar and Course Schedule

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TopMusic Acquires Upbeat Piano Teachers

by Tim Topham

. Upbeat Piano Teachers all started because of questions from piano teachers just like you… “How do I get more students?” “What app would be good for ___?” “Can someone tell me how to set up a music lab?” “How do you advertise for your studio?” “How do you keep your students engaged?” “Does anyone ... TopMusic Acquires Upbeat Piano Teachers

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Studio Success Path for Music Teachers

by Tim Topham

Take your studio from "Meh" to mind-blowing with the Studio Success Path.

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4 Questions to a More Successful Music Studio

by Tara Wright

Do you dream about having a more successful studio? Answer these four questions.

02/17/2022 Read more