How To Make Music Relevant For Your Teen Students #shorts

Do you have teen students whose enthusiasm is starting to fade?

But do they still seem to enjoy music?

🗺️ You might have just missed their signals

Ask them questions:

❓ What were you listening to before your lesson?
❓ What sort of things do you play on the piano when you’re “messing around”?
❓ Have you been finding any YouTube tutorials?
❓ Have you been to a concert or a show recently?
❓ Are you in the school band/orchestra/choir/play?

Find out about their musical interesting *outside* of piano lessons

You might discover they have a passion for jazz music, but you’ve never taught them jazz piano because you didn’t know.

They might have a piece they’ve taught themselves that they want to show you, but they never knew when to bring it up.
You might learn they want to be able to accompany themselves singing.

👉 A little research can go along way!

💡 Another way to make music lessons more relevant for your teen students is to teach them how to play their favourite songs by ear.

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See you at the Studio!
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