How to Build Practice Independence

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Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Sooo… I didn’t practice as much as I wanted this week.

If you had a dollar for each time you heard that one, right? Or…

But I played it better at home!

We know that consistent, effective practice is key in learning music. But it’s a lot easier said than done for many students.

Reviewing and introducing pieces, technique and activities take up the bulk of lesson time. There isn’t much time left to get into exactly how to practice, build good practice habits or find solutions when practice feels hard.

When your student sits on the bench at home do they know…

When to focus on sections or play a piece all the way through?
What to do if they end up frustrated with a difficult section?
How to self assess or do they build in habits with incorrect rhythms and notes?

How do you build practice independence?

It’s a skillset that’s built sequentially over time, just like note reading.

If you’ve felt these challenges with your students and you’re looking for solutions – we’ve got you covered.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

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Get tips to

Nurture efficient practice habits

Know which strategies to use for specific textures and challenges

Excite students about practicing (yes, we said it.)​​​​​​​

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