How to Teach Beginner Piano Students

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What is the best way to teach beginner piano students and to inspire, engage and motivate them in their first lesson?

Is it through opening a method book and teaching students how to read middle C?

Ultimate guide to Left Hand Styles and Patterns

Or, is it through:

Exploring the piano
Creating musical stories
Playing games
Playing by ear
Harmonising, and

We believe beginner piano lessons should be the most exciting, creative and engaging lessons you teach. It is your chance to ignite excitement at the piano for your student.

And you can do it all without even touching a method book.


The No Book Beginners (NBB) Framework is designed to give you enough ideas to teach beginners for 10-weeks (or more) without a book before you start to teach reading with your favourite method book.

Many studies suggest that the best way to teach music is firstly through listening, copying, singing, creating and exploring well before anything to do with reading and writing.

It’s the same way that we learn to speak our native language. You’d never think of teaching a child to read and write before they can speak and improvise in their language, so why do we do it for music?

Check out the video at the top of the page for a scaffold of ideas for your own teaching. It will give you lots of ideas so that you can expand your current teaching methods by adding creative activities.


These activities will ensure your beginner piano students are:

Set up with the basics of technique, sitting position and knowledge of the keyboard

Immersed in creative music-making activities that will hopefully continue for a lifetime

Challenged to explore music 

Curious about how music works

Your students will be given the fundamentals and feel it in their bodies





They’ll be able to…

transpose tunes 

hear and understand harmony

listen, sing and pitch-match from the beginning

And they’ll be 100% engaged and having fun with music before they start the next phase: reading.


This Framework is designed for teaching beginner piano students around 7-11 years old, having 30-45 minute weekly lessons and is designed for teachers working 1-on-1 with students in a private studio setting, but could easily be adapted to work in classroom and group settings.

It can work alongside your current teaching style, or you could try it as a replacement for a student. It’s totally up to you how you’d like to use it. I’m not precious about how my ideas are used and you’ll need to adapt it to suit your student in any case!

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