Thanks for attending one of my recent conference/workshop presentations. Please find your workshop link below with further information.

Remember, the best way to get the value from what you've learnt today is to set goals to implement the ideas into your teaching ASAP. 

Try to decide what you're trying to achieve in your teaching and what you'd like your students to learn and then set a path to achieving those goals. For older students, find out their goals and aspirations and help them achieve them.

We can help you set and achieve your studio, teaching and business goals in my Inner Circle Piano Teaching Community. 


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Music Expo 2018

4 Chord Composing


Tetris v Pacman

WAPPC 2018

Keynote Presentations: 4 Chord Composing & PFL

VMTA 2018

Chords, Pop and Lead Sheets

MTAC 2018

Teaching, Business and Technology Help