Mission Control:
Calm & Confident Exam Success

with Hilary Travers & Tim Topham


Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Set your students up for exam and performance success with these proven tips and strategies straight from an expert.


Workshop Discussions:


Tips and tricks for the best outcome

Exam goals/purpose
Student attitude/value
An overview of performance and exams
Common errors


In the performance/exam room

Preparing for the unexpected
Before the day
On the day – including how to warm up
In the room, including deportment and demeanour
When the examiner asks for something unprepared



Grading descriptors
Syllabus Objectives
Realistic Expectations
“Qualitative vs Quantitative” marking


Practise for success

Managing anxiety
Practice shortcuts
Practise – the last 5%
The 4 dimensions of Expression
Managing Parents

Workshop Benefits:

Live Q&A with a piano teacher and examiner of 25 years who is eager to share her knowledge and answer your burning questions.

Certificate at the end of the workshop to establish your exam knowledge and credibility to students and their parents.

A better understanding of how to help your students become performance-ready (and what they should do if they go wrong)

A boost in confidence in taking students of all levels to sit exams successfully.


Do you want to feel more confident in preparing your students for exams?

Join Tim Topham and Hilary Travers as they share exam expertise, from understanding grading descriptions and syllabus objectives to managing anxiety and preparing for the unexpected.

Tuesdays – April 9, 16, 23, 30 9:00am Melbourne time
Mondays – April 8, 15, 22, 29 6:00pm Chicago

Sessions are one hour each.

Join the workshop below:

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Workshop Host

Tim Topham

Your workshop host and founder of TopMusicCo, the world’s biggest online community of independent music teachers. Tim worked with the AMEB to create the Piano for Leisure Series 4 examination repertoire books and has reviewed syllabi, repertoire and resources from exam boards across the world. Tim has 20+ years’ classroom and music teaching experience including 10 years of music entrepreneurship. He’s an internationally-recognised speaker, author, podcaster and blogger and holds degrees including an MBA, BMus and DipEd.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Workshop Specialist

Hilary Travers

Hilary Travers is a passionate and inspiring music educator, pianist and examiner. She has been sought after her ability to instill enthusiasm for joyful and sophisticated music-making in others for over 3 decades. Having been found behind the piano since the age of 6, her musical experiences have been many and varied. She has been teaching piano since 15 years of age, and her passion is to instill the love of music into her students, including incorporating creative elements including composition and improvisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just attend one session?

  • When you book, you’ll have access to the live meetings and/or replays for all 4 meetings. You may choose how many you attend, but there is no discounted option for just attending one session.
  • While we’ll be hosting these workshops live on zoom, we’re going to be saving recordings into a pop-up FB group in case you miss one. This is also where you can ask questions and get support during the workshops. The group will close permanently at the end of April.

Will you be discussing specific exam boards?

  • All advise and strategies will be equally relevant no matter what exam board or syllabus you use in your studio. Most of the challenges we experience are generic to all students performing or undertaking exams so this workshop will be equally relevant to stage performing, recitals, auditions and exams. That said, we will be discussing grading descriptors and syllabus objectives to help teachers understand the outcomes better.

Can I ask questions?

  • Absolutely! Join our live meetings to ask questions of our presenters live and you can also ask questions in the FB group we’ll be creating just for workshop participants.