Welcome MTNA 2024 Delegates!

Thanks for coming along to my presentation.

As a token of my appreciation, I’d love to give you a bunch of freebies that I’ve created over the last 10 years covering many areas of music pedagogy.


Here’s what you’ll get from today’s presentation:


Dream Student Sheet


Powerpoint slides


Dream Studio Sheet

Free Studio-Licensed Sheet Music Collections:


Studio-licensed sheet ​music collection by Forrest Kinney


Studio-licensed sheet ​music collection by Chris Owenby


Studio-licensed sheet ​music collection by Kevin Olson

4 Top-Rated E-Books:


Find Students Fast E-Book

The Essential Music Teacher Marketing Checklist


The Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning for Piano Teachers

This eBook will guide you through developing a clear plan for your intermediate-level students


Teen Teaching Toolkit

How to motivate, inspire and retain your teenage piano students


TopMusic on Neurodivergent Teaching E-Book

How to feel more confident teaching neurodivergent students and which methods best work for them

5 Favourite Cheat Sheets and Lesson Plans


Four Chord Composing First Three Lesson Plans

Printable first 3 lesson plans, practice assignments and creative extension activities


3-Step Music Mashup

My three-step mashup plan flow chart


Modes Workflow

A quick-reference printable to the steps on finding out what mode any piece of music is in


First Adult Lesson Checklist

A checklist/flow chart to help you navigate the first lesson with an adult student


Studio Policy Tuneup Powerpack

Tune up your policy and client communication with these tips and templates

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