The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Lessons

How to Embrace Music Games in Your Lessons

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Discover new ways to engage your students
(even the antsy-pantsy ones!)


Music games are beneficial in so many ways, from teaching new concepts in a less-pressurized setting to rewarding hard work and good behavior.

Join Tara and Georgina LIVE as they share their secrets on gamifying music lessons.

You’ll then be ready to add games to your lessons and see your students’ smiling faces!


Are you searching for new ways to capture the attention of your students?

Join Tara Wright and Georgina Wilson as they share with you how music games are the revolutionary change you need for your studio.

Friday, August 18th – 9am Central time and 3pm London
Saturday, August 19th – 12:00am Melbourne time

If you can’t make it to the live session, we’ll share a limited time replay.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar


Tara Wright

Tara Wright has nearly two decades of experience as a music educator and is the founder of Melodic Mentors where she creates resources and inspires other music educators by combining her expertise in running successful music schools with her background in web design, wedding planning, and ostrich farming. She is also the Community Manager of TopMusicPro.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar


Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson is a piano teacher who is a big believer in making music education fun and engaging for both the students and the teachers. Georgina runs BusyLittleTurtle, a site dedicated to quirky and creative music resources that help make teachers’ teaching lives a little easier and give students another reason to love their music lessons!