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Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

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What is a TopMusic Certified Teacher?

A teacher who teaches with 100% confidence as they attract their ideal students and fill their waitlist. TopMusic Certified Teachers teach creatively and follow a holistic and integrated approach, providing a student-first way of teaching.


Discover the Highlights of Our Program:

🌟 Knowledge Sharing Goldmine:

Connect with like-minded teachers, forming a supportive network of peers from across the globe. Benefit from invaluable knowledge-sharing opportunities and exchange experiences.

🌟 Perfect Blend of Pedagogy:

Our program equips you with the Integrated Music Teaching Method™, enabling you to teach holistically. Seamlessly blend musical skills, knowledge, and creativity to foster lifelong musicians.

🌟 Personalized Learning Path:

We understand that every teacher and student is unique. Choose the learning path that aligns with your interests and studio requirements, ensuring a customised experience.

🌟 Multi-Modal Assessment Portfolio:

Say goodbye to dull multiple-choice tests. Showcase your skills and self-reflection through a multi-modal assessment portfolio, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned directly to your studio and situation.

🌟 Harnessing the Power of Story and Curiosity:

Unlock the secrets of making meaningful connections between musical elements, captivating your students’ attention and keeping them engaged throughout the journey.

🌟 Business-Boosting Strategies:

Optimise your studio’s services, structure, policies, marketing, and financial systems to maximise efficiency, drive success and bring your goals within reach.


Who Should Join the TopMusic Certification Program?

Our certification program is perfect for private music instructors, studio owners who want to:

Boost Confidence: Feel more confident as a music teacher and establish a strong reputation for your studio.

Increase Credibility: Earn recognition for your skills and enhance your professional reputation.

Attract Ideal Students: Fill your studio waitlist with quality students who are eager to learn.

Optimise Studio Systems: Establish efficient systems and streamline your studio operations.

Banish Imposter Syndrome: Overcome self-doubt and solidify your expertise as a professional music teacher.

Achieve Studio Goals: Take your studio to new heights and achieve your long-term goals.

Unlock Your Potential and Secure Your Studio’s Future!