Unfazed: Teaching Neurodivergent Students in 2024 with Confidence and Success Webinar

with Selena Pistoresi & Tim Topham

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Are you passionate about creating an inclusive music educational environment for ALL students?


Discover innovative teaching strategies and valuable insights from Selena Pistoresi as she talks to Tim Topham in the upcoming “Unfazed: How to Confidently Teach Neurodiverse Piano Students” Webinar.

✅ Gain insights into the unique strengths & challenges of neurodivergent students
✅ Learn adaptable teaching methods that will help you engage & inspire your students
✅ Develop a toolkit of resources & strategies to create a welcoming & supportive environment for everyone
✅ Understand the importance of presuming competence
✅ Feel more confident teaching neurodivergent students


Tuesday, February 13th – 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM London
Wednesday, February 14th – 8 AM Melbourne

If you can’t make it to the live session, we’ll share a limited time replay.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar

Webinar Host

Tim Topham

Your webinar host and founder of TopMusicCo, the world’s biggest online community of independent music teachers. Tim has 20+ years’ classroom and music teaching experience including 10 years of music entrepreneurship. He’s an internationally-recognised speaker, author, podcaster and blogger and holds degrees including an MBA, BMus and DipEd.

Top Music Teaching Piano and Guitar


Selena Pistoresi

Selena Pistoresi, the founder of Notable Music Teaching, specializes in teaching students with disabilities. She’s been teaching since 2008, and currently teaches full-time in the SF Bay Area, California. After joining a small, brand-new, nonprofit inclusion school in Silicon Valley and developing a music curriculum for students aged 5-14, all with different diagnoses, she created a clear and effective strategy to help other teachers teach students with disabilities.