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How to Use an iPad in Your Piano Lessons: Podcast Episode 15

by Timz Fojas

10/24/2023 Read more

MTT15: Tips From a Tech-Savvy Piano Teacher with Tim Topham

by Timz Fojas

How to Organize Your iPad and Save Precious Teaching Time

by Rosemarie Penner

Organize Your iPad Back in the day, I learnt a lot about how I wanted to organize my business, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. I always worked for private schools, which meant that I needed to ensure parents were given information quickly and my students were always learning something. Otherwise, why ... How to Organize Your iPad and Save Precious Teaching Time

12/02/2022 Read more

The Best Ear Training Apps for Your Studio

by Sean Wales

Practicing aural skills is one of the most important music theory exercises for any musician. From beginner students to more advanced musicians, boosting listening skills helps everyone when it comes to playing piano. But some music students want to skip the ear training exercises and just play piano without any extra theory lessons. This is ... The Best Ear Training Apps for Your Studio

05/25/2022 Read more

Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

by Courtenay Ennis

A year ago, many teachers were just hearing about Zoom for the first time. Zoom is a great videoconferencing app, and most music teachers and students are now familiar with it, making it a great low-barrier option. Zoom also recently upgraded it’s audio capabilities in September 2020, making it an even better tool for online ... Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

02/12/2021 Read more

4 Different Budgets for Music Teachers to Create a Professional Recording Studio

by Nick Voorhees

Set up your recording studio from A to Z with this comprehensive list, including starter budget options.

11/15/2020 Read more

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Expert Roundup: Taking Piano Teaching Online for COVID-19

by Emily Laney

Here's an expert roundup for resources on teaching online during COVID-19

03/17/2020 Read more

6 Ways to Save Time with Tonara in Your Piano Studio

by Tonara

Find more time by using Tonara in your piano studio

02/26/2020 Read more

Electronic Sheet Music vs Paper: Why You Should Make the Switch

by Rob Hampton

Save on paper, save on time and save money.

06/17/2019 Read more

How to Record Live Piano on GarageBand for the iPad

by Tim Topham

Today's free download isn't to be missed.

05/14/2019 Read more

How to Make More Time as a Piano Teacher with Help From Technology

by Tim Topham

Could you do with a few extra hours a week?

04/29/2019 Read more

Why Instant Self-Learning Music Teaching Apps Just Won’t Work

by Tonara

Here's an app that you can use to aid your teaching.

02/23/2019 Read more