The Ultimate TopMusic Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning
for Piano Teachers


Why do I need the Ultimate Guide to Intermediate Curriculum Planning?

The intermediate period is the longest in a student’s timeline. They’ve reached a certain level where they can start exploring more complex repertoire and skills. It’s an exciting time! But it’s also a daunting time when you’re left to your own devices with no method books or curriculum provided for you.

This insightful eBook will guide you through developing a clear plan for your intermediate-level students, helping them set personal goals, plan meaningful milestones, and provide fun assessments to track their progress.


What’s inside the guide:

Part 1: The Big Picture

The importance of creating a curriculum for your intermediate students

Part 2: The Learning Timeline

Establishing when a student has reached the intermediate level

Part 3: Keeping the End in Mind

How to help your intermediate students reach advanced levels

Part 4: Planning Your Curriculum

Three steps to create a personalized curriculum for your intermediate students

Part 5: Setting Individual Student Goals

Work with individual students to set goals and create a comprehensive curriculum to help them succeed

Part 6: Design the Milestones (Goals)

Discover how to set formative and summative assessments

Part 7: Choosing Repertoire and Learning Activities

Deciding what you’re going to teach to achieve the milestones and bigger goals.

Part 8: Conclusion

Where to go to find extra help on building curriculum for your intermediate students


Take it one step at a time:

If you’re using this planning process for the first time, choose one student to work through it with.
Over time, you’ll become more confident, and the process will be ingrained and used for all your students.


The intermediate period is the most critical for student retention.

Will they quit in frustration or boredom, or will they continue learning for years to come? Will they be well-rounded musicians or limited to a few exam pieces a year?


You can download this jam-packed
eBook (34 pages!) for FREE.

Take a deep dive into:

Your studio vision
Setting personal goals for each student
How to guide a student from beginner to elementary
Finding your path through the “Intermediate Wildnerness”
A 3-step intermediate planning process covering goals, meaningful milestones, and learning activities
Yearly and monthly student goal trackers you can use for all your students
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This in-depth eBook will give you a different perspective on how to teach your intermediate students.

Save time wondering what and how you should teach by having a strong plan to follow.