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How To Carry Out A Business Assessment On Your Studio
If you’re feeling like your studio has fallen into a bit of a rut, or you feel that *something* just[...]
Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?
Work-Life balance to some of us is a myth. Surely it’s not possible to have a balance between our working[...]
Boost Your Piano Teaching Productivity with These 5 Tips
Teaching Productivity Being organised and productive is sometimes the best way to ensure your business runs smoothly. How can you[...]
How to Organize Your iPad and Save Precious Teaching Time
Organize Your iPad Back in the day, I learnt a lot about how I wanted to organize my business, even[...]
How to Organise Your Studio (and Your Life)
If you are like most piano teachers, you have multiple projects you are managing in addition to teaching. You might[...]
How to Streamline Your Music Lesson Planning (And Reclaim Your Own Time!)
It might seem like lesson planning is just the domain of school teachers, but this isn’t the case. Music lesson[...]
How to Organise Your Piano Studio Blog and Social Media
Automate and Simplify Your Blogging When I first started my piano studio blog, it was tough to keep up with[...]
4 Ways You Can Make More Money Teaching Piano in Fewer Hours
Make More Money Teaching Piano Are you looking to make more money for the same teaching hours? Or teaching fewer[...]
27 Easy Chord Progressions for Your Piano Students
Table of Contents Common Piano Chord Progressions The Start of a Piano Lesson Easy Chord Progressions - My Favourite Piano[...]
2017 in Review: Teaching Chords and Piano Pop Music
It's that time of the year - December is upon us and everyone is looking forward to a break. Piano[...]
20 Creative Ways to Start a Piano Lesson
If you'd like some ideas about different ways to start a piano lesson, then today's post is for you. While we[...]
2017 in Review: Piano Business and Marketing
Welcome to our second 2017 in Review post, as we continue to look back on what has been a fantastic year of[...]
2017 in Review: Webinars, Courses and More
Let's keep looking back at 2017 in our review series. Today, we take a look at the free piano webinars[...]
My ten tips for how to become a viral YouTube star – Valentina Lisitsa
Like thousands of pianists and teachers out there, I've long been inspired by the remarkable talent and story that is[...]
Best Student Duets with Just 5-fingers from Diabelli
  If you haven't yet introduced the duets of Anton Diabelli to your teaching studio, you are missing out on[...]
2017 in Review: Our Top 10 Blog Posts
Our Most Read Articles During 2017, we published a lot of posts on the blog - you would be forgiven[...]
The Best Ear Training Apps for Your Studio
Practicing aural skills is one of the most important music theory exercises for any musician. From beginner students to more[...]
Studio Success Path for Music Teachers
, Do you feel "stuck" in your music studio?  We've all been there and that's where the Studio Success Path[...]
4 Questions to a More Successful Music Studio
In the middle of the night, I was scrolling through social media and came across this amazing quote by Bob[...]