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TC190: Inspiring and Motivating Teens with Jerald Simon

by Tim Topham

Learn about inspiring and motivating teen students from the teacher who saved 100 students from quitting piano for good - Jerald Simon.

05/15/2020 Read more

TC188: Inspiring Students with Interest-Based Learning with Tony Parlapiano

by Tim Topham

Learn about the high-retention method Tony Parlapiano developed using interest-based learning and popMATICS

05/01/2020 Read more

When piano class is a battle of wills with that teenage boy!

by Anita E Kohli

Today I’d like to introduce you to Anita Kohli who teaches in Mumbai, India and writes for us about a topic that readers will appreciate is very close to my own heart: teaching boys. Teenagers of either gender can be a challenge to motivate at times and Anita gives some great tips for dealing with difficult students. ... When piano class is a battle of wills with that teenage boy!

12/04/2015 Read more

Motivating teens with PianoMaestro

by Tim Topham

How do you motivate teen beginners? We all know that video games are pretty popular with teens, particularly boys. So trying to convince them to do their piano practice when there are far more fun things to be doing online can be a real challenge. Enter PianoMaestro – a really handy app that basically turns learning ... Motivating teens with PianoMaestro

08/03/2014 Read more