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Make Ear Training Fun With These 6 Games

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

Ear training. A vital component for any musician, but it can cause students to sigh, roll their eyes, and procrastinate. "Can we do something else instead? Anything else?" Wondering how to make ear training more fun and enjoyable? Games!

05/22/2023 Read more

A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

An expert guest post from Musical U’s Andrew Bishko looking at reading music.  Reading Music How did you learn to talk? What, no book?! Yet all too often, music education starts with reading music rather than playing music. And speaking of reading, how did you learn to read? Simply by looking at letters on a page? ... A Holistic Approach to Reading Music

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5 Ways to Help Your Students Master Rhythm

by Andrew Bishko, Musical U

Today’s post is brought to us by experienced piano teacher and blogger Andrew Bishko. Andrew is the Content and Product Manager for successful music blog Musical U. He brings with him a wealth of musical knowledge and experience.  This article is all about helping your students master rhythm. There are some fantastic ideas here and plenty of ... 5 Ways to Help Your Students Master Rhythm

05/08/2017 Read more

Soundbrenner Silent Vibrating Metronome

by Tim Topham

A Vibrating, Silent Metronome? If you have trouble getting students to use a metronome in their practice, then this new piece of music technology might be just the answer. Many of us struggle to help our students feel and understand beat, pulse and rhythm and so I’m always on the lookout for ways that we ... Soundbrenner Silent Vibrating Metronome

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