#067: Balancing Passions: A Guitar Teacher’s Journey into Real Estate and Family Life with Nick Dozer

#067: Balancing Passions: A Guitar Teacher’s Journey into Real Estate and Family Life with Nick Dozer

In this episode, we’re having a chat with Nick Dozer, a seasoned guitar teacher with 15 years of experience. Nick and his wife, Dina, are the heart and soul behind the Southern Ohio Academy of Music, a beacon of musical education in their community. But Nick’s journey doesn’t stop at music; he’s a true multi-passionate individual. Beyond his passion for teaching, Nick’s journey takes fascinating twists and turns. Join us as Nick shares his insights on transitioning to group guitar teaching, the nuances of balancing family life, and an unexpected venture into real estate. Plus, he’ll recommend his top four must-read books for anyone seeking inspiration. Stay tuned for an episode filled with wisdom and valuable takeaways!

  • Nick shared a brief overview of his Southern Ohio Academy Music School.
  • What motivated him to make the switch to group guitar teaching and how he successfully navigated the transition.
  • His perspective on how he feels teaching groups versus private lessons.
  • The story behind his journey into personal finance and investing, including how he started his companies and portfolios.
  • His venture into real estate and his advice to fellow guitar teachers who might be considering a similar path.
  • How he manages various responsibilities, including church involvement, family life, real state and running a music school.
  • Discussion about time blocking.
  • Top four books that Nick highly recommends to the listeners.

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Today’s Guest

Nick Dozer has been teaching music for 15 years and currently resides in southern Ohio with his wife Dina and two children. Together, they run the Southern Ohio Academy of Music. Nick has a passion to serve his local community and see lives changed through music.

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#067: Balancing Passions: A Guitar Teacher's Journey into Real Estate and Family Life with Nick Dozer
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