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Karen Gibson

Karen Gibson holds a BA in Human Resource Development from Northeastern Illinois University. After a successful career teaching in the business sector, Karen returned to her love of music, built a teaching studio, and founded the Piano Bench Mag. "You are never too old or too young to learn!" is Karen’s motto. Find Karen at GibsonFoxx where she currently works as a media & branding specialist.

Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

by Karen Gibson

Work-Life balance to some of us is a myth. Surely it’s not possible to have a balance between our working lives and our personal lives? If you’ve got it sorted, we admire you. If you’re always striving for different ways to ‘balance’ your life, keep reading!  TABLE OF CONTENTS:  Should We Really Be Striving or ... Is ‘Work-Life’ Balance an Achievable Goal?

01/02/2023 Read more

How to Organise Your Studio (and Your Life)

by Karen Gibson

If you are like most piano teachers, you have multiple projects you are managing in addition to teaching. You might need to plan summer camps, recitals, and/or group lessons. Managing schedules and music are also part of the mix. And then there are home life obligations. These things are just the tip of the iceberg, ... How to Organise Your Studio (and Your Life)

11/28/2022 Read more

Success Tips for Managing the Disrespectful Piano Student

by Karen Gibson

Consider an alternative approach to challenging students.

10/11/2020 Read more