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Why I Love Tim Topham’s Music Teacher Startup Course (and How It Compares to the Competition!)

by Rebecca Reid

Review & comparison of Music Teacher Startup course

05/29/2021 Read more

4 Ways TopMusicPro Transformed My Online Piano Lessons (with Kara Hess)

by Allison Gruenenfelder

This growth-mindset teacher has gone from part-time to building her dream studio

03/22/2021 Read more

Is Your Teaching Limiting Your Studio Growth?

by Dave Simon

Learn the 3 mindsets of studio owners and find which type you are!

01/10/2021 Read more

Finding Balance between Piano Teaching and Family

by Rosemarie Penner

How would you answer this? Which comes first - piano clients or your family?

09/19/2020 Read more

Why I built the Music Teachers’ Marketplace

by Tim Topham

Find the scoop on the new 500+ item marketplace for music teachers and why we had to make it!

09/05/2020 Read more

Music Teachers Discounts at Office Depot and More

by Tim Topham

Trim your office expenses at Office Depot, our latest discount to members

08/30/2020 Read more

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TC193: Leading a Performing Arts School Through COVID-19 and Beyond with Jeff Davison

by Tim Topham

Jeff Davison talks about leading a Bedford, NH performing arts school through Covid-19 and beyond.

06/05/2020 Read more

15 Reasons Parents Reject the Switch to Online Lessons, and How You Can Win Them Back

by Ekanem Ebinne

What can you do when parents reject online lessons?

04/18/2020 Read more

TC181: Inside Philip Johnston’s $100m Dream Music Teaching Empire

by Tim Topham

If you had $100m to spend on designing, constructing and fitting out a dream music teaching empire, what would it look like?  Philip Johnston is one of music education’s best-known writers and lateral thinkers, pianist, and composer. Aside from being a musical genius, Philip also holds black belts in three different martial arts and runs ... TC181: Inside Philip Johnston’s $100m Dream Music Teaching Empire

03/13/2020 Read more

6 Ways to Save Time with Tonara in Your Piano Studio

by Tonara

Find more time by using Tonara in your piano studio

02/26/2020 Read more

Piano Pivot Live Conference Highlights: Part 2

by Emily Laney

Part Two highlights from Piano Pivot Live

02/15/2020 Read more

CPTP Bonus Episode with Philip Johnston

by Tim Topham

Here’s a special bonus episode to end the podcast season.  Special guest Philip Johnston discusses a thought experiment to kickstart your thinking.

12/13/2019 Read more