006: A Framework for Summer Camps with Jennifer Foxx

TMPiano Podcast 06 - A Framework for Summer Camps with Jennifer Foxx

In today’s episode, I’m delighted to have Jennifer Foxx as our special guest. With over three decades of summer camp experience, Jennifer runs a thriving piano studio in Arizona. She is nationally recognized for her contributions to music education and shares invaluable teacher tips and creates innovative resources used by educators and students worldwide. Jennifer’s passion for music education shines through as she discusses topics ranging from her unique teaching studio setup to the benefits of summer camps for both teachers and students. Tune in as we dive into the details of summer camp formats, pricing strategies, popular themes, and valuable resources for teachers looking to incorporate summer camps into their studio offerings.

  • Jennifer shared a brief overview of her music teaching studio in Arizona.
  • The benefits of summer camps for piano teachers, including retaining income during the summer months and fostering community within the studio.
  • She outlines the format of her camps, which has evolved and now include options ranging from five-day camps to shorter workshops.
  • Pricing strategies for summer camps and incorporating camp fees into yearly tuition or offering different payment options for families.
  • Hidden costs associated with organizing summer camps.
  • Jennifer shares some popular camp themes.
  • Strategies for communicating the value of summer camps to parents.
  • The potential resistance from families towards summer camp models and her approach to setting expectations and minimum enrollment requirements.
  • Tips for teachers feeling overwhelmed by the variety of summer options.
  • Resources available on Jennifer’s website and social media platforms, offering ready-made lesson plans, activities, and games for summer camps.

Guest Links Mentioned

Links Mentioned

Today’s Guest

With over 30 years of summer camp experience, Jennifer Foxx runs a successful piano studio in AZ. In addition to teaching, she is nationally recognized from her website, MusicEducatorResources.com where she blogs, shares music teacher tips and creates innovative music education resources used by teachers and students around the world. Whether teaching piano, presenting at conferences, or developing new resources, Jennifer is passionate about music education and dedicated to helping students and teachers achieve their full potential.

About Rachel Ehring

Dr. Rachel Ehring is a pianist, teacher, music administrator, and lover of piano teaching gadgets. She holds a DMA in Collaborative Piano from the University of Colorado Boulder and a MM in Accompanying from the University of Kansas. She currently serves as Director at St. John’s Conservatory of the Arts in Orange County, CA. Previously, she held positions at Concordia University Irvine and Henderson State University. Rachel is passionate about empowering music teachers to create engaging and exciting lessons for students of all ages. When she isn’t playing the piano, you might find Rachel reading books with her son or walking her beagle Frieda.


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