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Teach music confidently without the stress

How Bach Would Teach Piano Lead Sheets

by Forrest Kinney

Harmony forms the base of composing and improvising.

08/22/2018 Read more

How to make piano scales fun!

by Tim Topham

OK, so I know that “fun” might be the wrong word to ever describe scales, but there are some great resources available to help make scale practice infinitely more interesting. As much as it can sometimes be tempting to throw scale practice out for good and just get on with music-making for both ourselves and ... How to make piano scales fun!

03/01/2012 Read more

Barenboim – A Life in Music

by Tim Topham

I’ve just finished reading Daniel Barenboim’s autobiography entitled “A Life in Music” and thought I’d share some of his thoughts and comments on music for my readers. Despite being an exceptional pianist, the book is actually more about his life as a conductor. At first I was a bit disappointed by this but I soon ... Barenboim – A Life in Music

11/19/2011 Read more

Deliberate Play v. Deliberate Practice

by Tim Topham

Deliberate Practice I’ve talked at length in previous posts about the importance of “Deliberate Practice”, a phrase made popular in Geoff Colvin’s brilliant book, “Talent is Overrated”, in making your limited practice time more effective. But can you actually do too much practice? We’ve all heard that “too much of anything is a bad thing” ... Deliberate Play v. Deliberate Practice

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