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Nick Ambrosino is a leading expert helping teachers, parents and students of all ages in the field of human potential and excellence. Nick is a renowned learning specialist, author and speaker on topics such as creating explosive growth in accountability, productivity and self-esteem. Nick is the author of two parables on educational psychology titled--"Coffee With Ray" and its sequel, "Lessons with Matt". Both are available on Amazon. Find Nick at NickAmbrosino.com.

Are you the piano coach or player?

by Nick Ambrosino

Back in the beginning of my career I used to set weekly goals for my students. I’d write them in their assignment books and at the following lesson, would go down the list, checking if they had completed their assignments. I thought that’s what it meant to be a responsible teacher… Until one day, a ... Are you the piano coach or player?

09/06/2022 Read more

Why do YOU Practise?

by Nick Ambrosino

What is the end goal? How do we know if we've arrived?

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Be Kind to Yourself

by Nick Ambrosino

Is Chariots of Fire running through your mind as you contemplate work that is never finished?

01/31/2021 Read more