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5 Ways To Help Your Students Feel Performance Ready

by Georgina Wilson

Performances can be scary. Can you remember how you felt as a music student walking onto a stage for the first time? Do you remember your hands shaking as you played your first note? As teachers we can help our students feel less nervous about performing, and boost their confidence, whether they're playing in a recital, a competition, or an exam.

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Performance Anxiety

by Georgina Wilson

Your students will be more confident in their performances if you follow these five guidelines.

05/09/2022 Read more

‘Stage Fright’ – Are Exam-Based Teaching Methods to Blame?

by Tim Fletcher

Why is a recital so nerve-wracking?

06/30/2021 Read more

Discover How To Battle Through Performance Anxiety With Artist Matthew Xiong

by Tim Jorge

Get the insights to improve your performance confidence!

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How to Double Your Music Teaching Income by…Performing!

by Liz Craig

A step-by-step guide to starting a performing business.

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How to Plan and Run a Pop Piano Recital [Part Two]

by Tim Topham

Welcome to Part Two of this series. In Part One, we explored how to name your event and the importance of finding the right musicians for your rhythm section. We also discussed getting students singing and what music to play and provide to your band. If you haven’t read it yet, click here: How to ... How to Plan and Run a Pop Piano Recital [Part Two]

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How to Plan and Run a Pop Piano Recital [Part One]

by Tim Topham

If you’re a teacher that is embracing more modern music teaching in your studio, you’re probably finding that your recitals are becoming more and more filled with pop music! Depending on the nature of your traditional recitals, you might like to consider whether running a dedicated recital/concert just for your pop music students would be ... How to Plan and Run a Pop Piano Recital [Part One]

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How to Organise Fun Piano Recitals [Expert Roundup]

by Sean Wales

Fun Piano Recitals Today we have a fantastic Expert Roundup post, giving you some ideas on how to organise fun piano recitals. Contributing to today’s post are experienced piano teachers and music bloggers. They are sharing with us a way of putting on a performance or recital that is different; a recital that is creative, ... How to Organise Fun Piano Recitals [Expert Roundup]

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How to Tackle Piano Performance Anxiety

by Roberta Wolff

It is the million dollar question that all students will ask you at one point during their education: “How can I stop feeling nervous about performing?”.  Performance anxiety is natural and students deal with exams and concerts in different ways. Some students embrace the pressure that comes with it, while others need a helping hand.  ... How to Tackle Piano Performance Anxiety

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Piano Studio Concerts and Exams – What Works Best?

by Roberta Wolff

  What is the best way for you to use piano studio concerts? Should teachers play at these concerts? How do you deal with pressure from parents who just want their children to do exams?  These are all queries that arise when discussing and planning performance opportunities for your students. When running a studio with ... Piano Studio Concerts and Exams – What Works Best?

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Take a track walk: getting students to slow down

by Tim Topham

Slow practice: the importance of precision I was chatting with a colleague at the end of last term regarding teaching students about slow practice. He let me in on a great secret about F1 racing drivers that we should all share with our students...especially the speed demons!   At this time of the year in ... Take a track walk: getting students to slow down

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Tim Topham Improvising

by Tim Topham

Given my posts about teaching improvising, a number of people have asked to see me in action! At my last recital, I opened the second half with a short 3-minute (non-jazz) improvisation. I had not planned any aspect of this prior to stepping on stage. It was completely off-the-cuff, but based on my understanding of ... Tim Topham Improvising

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