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How To Play Physical Music Games In Online Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

There's a misconception that you can't play music games in online lessons. We're here to tell you that you can!

08/21/2023 Read more

How To Make Your Online Group Piano Lessons More Engaging

by Georgina Wilson

Questions we see asked a lot are, "What should I do in my online group piano lessons?" and "How do I make my online group classes fun?" Group lessons are all about having fun while making music with other students, and that doesn't have to be limited to in-person group lessons!

04/03/2023 Read more

Elevate Your Online Music Lessons with Forte

by Forte

What if online lessons could happen in just one click, with better audio than Zoom?

08/26/2022 Read more

How to Set Up Zoom for Online Piano Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

For the past couple of years, more and more piano teachers have been turning to Zoom to provide online music lessons for their students. There are so many benefits to zoom piano lessons, from being able to teach students further afield, to the student feeling more comfortable playing and learning in their own home on ... How to Set Up Zoom for Online Piano Lessons

08/15/2022 Read more

How to Record Online Lessons

by Diego Cardini

Online teaching can be overwhelming. We break down the equipment to get you started.

04/15/2022 Read more

Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

by Courtenay Ennis

A year ago, many teachers were just hearing about Zoom for the first time. Zoom is a great videoconferencing app, and most music teachers and students are now familiar with it, making it a great low-barrier option. Zoom also recently upgraded it’s audio capabilities in September 2020, making it an even better tool for online ... Improving Audio for Online Music Lessons with Cleanfeed

02/12/2021 Read more

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The Art of Tidying Up Your Space for Online Lessons

by Emily Laney

Put the joy back in your music teaching space by tidying up for online lessons!

11/29/2020 Read more

Product Review: Rock Out Loud Live

by Ian Belloso

Review: Rock Out Loud Live for online lessons

08/06/2020 Read more

15 Reasons Parents Reject the Switch to Online Lessons, and How You Can Win Them Back

by Ekanem Ebinne

What can you do when parents reject online lessons?

04/18/2020 Read more

Not How I Was Taught! Your Ultimate Guide to Online Piano Teaching

by Emily Laney

Already teaching online but not sure it's going well? Consult our top tips

04/03/2020 Read more

Expert Roundup: Taking Piano Teaching Online for COVID-19

by Emily Laney

Here's an expert roundup for resources on teaching online during COVID-19

03/17/2020 Read more

How to Hunt for the Perfect Piece of Piano Music Online

by Tim Topham

Get access to tried and tested sheet music.

08/06/2019 Read more