307: TopMusicPro Member Spotlight – How We Saved Rachel from Quitting Teaching Forever

In today’s episode, we’re having another TopMusicPro member spotlight. And our guest for today’s podcast is Rachel Davis, owner of Three Sisters Music Studio. It’s been a long road for Rachel, who is now running a very successful studio. The journey has not been easy. In fact, she almost quit teaching altogether six months ago. But then she found TopMusicPro and everything changed! Join us as we get to know Rachel better and talk about her inspiring story, how she built her business from scratch and overcame the challenges along the way.

  • Rachel’s studio and the students she teaches.
  • The dilemma she had with her teaching and how she got through it with the help of TopMusicPro.
  • Moving from the USA to Canada and transitioning from having no exams to a country that is heavily immersed in an exam or conservatory system.
  • Treating your teaching as a business.
  • Looking back at the time before she became a TopMusicPro member and sharing why she joined the membership.
  • The biggest contributor to her sadness and her reason for wanting to quit teaching six months back.
  • Rachel gives us a rundown on how she rebuilt her entire studio structure from the ground up.
  • Her main reason for setting up an open house for her students.
  • How she differentiated and diversified herself in the market.
  • Hiring an additional student for her studio.
  • Rachel shares her 5-year plan.

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Today’s Guest

Wife, mother of three and music studio owner, Rachel Davis loves a good challenge. Though officially Canadian, she was born and raised in the United States where she received 20 years of piano training and spent the first 7 years of her private piano teaching career. After marrying her Canadian husband in 2013, Rachel moved to Canada. In 2019, she opened Three Sisters Music Studio in Cochrane, AB.

Rachel’s motivation for teaching comes from a passion to see others learn to express their emotions in a healthy and safe way through music. She does this through her signature blend of fun, creativity and a dash of chaos. Her goal is to see every student move through life equipped with the tools needed to process the world around them, empowered to impact others, and instilled with a never ending love of music.

Thank you for tuning in!

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