359: Why Julie & Sue Became TopMusic Certified Teachers

IMT EPISODE 359 Why Julie & Sue Became TopMusic Certified Teachers

In this episode, we’re chatting with two remarkable music educators who recently became TopMusic Certified Teachers, Julie Galan and Sue Stubbs. Julie, a passionate piano teacher based in Arizona, candidly shares her transformative journey within the TopMusic Certification program. Overcoming a period of stagnation, Julie discovered renewed zeal through the unique cohort-based approach, making positive changes in her studio, including the introduction of group lessons and setting long-term goals.

Sue Stubbs, a dedicated home-based studio teacher from Australia, joins the discussion to share her insights. Sue reflects on the challenges she faced, the significance of purposeful creativity, and the transformative impact of the program on her lesson planning. Both educators emphasize the diverse focus of the certification, spanning financials, marketing, and the invaluable sense of community cultivated by Tim and Bec. Tune in to hear firsthand how the TopMusic Certification program reignited their passion, fostered professional growth, and transformed their teaching practices.

  • Julie Galan shares some insights about her music studio in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
  • The shift in her teaching approach after discovering TopMusic Certification program.
  • The positive impact of live weekly cohort meetings, highlighting the value of immediate interaction, asking questions, and sharing experiences with other teachers.
  • She shares the expansion of her studio, introduction of group lessons, and positive feedback from students and parents.
  • The wide array of topics covered in the certification, from financials to marketing strategies.
  • The difficulty of breaking linear teaching habits.
  • Reflection on the assessment process, emphasizing the value of self-reflection and improvement.
  • Sue Stubbs provides a brief overview of her home-based music studio in Australia.
  • She shares her motivation for joining the Top Music Certification program.
  • The invaluable connections and accountability gained through weekly meetings with the cohort.
  • Sue details the positive changes resulting from the certification program, focusing on purposeful integration of creativity into lessons.
  • Some changes in her lesson planning approach, highlighting a more flexible and resource-conscious method
  • The program’s benefits in reinforcing professionalism, providing confidence, and fostering collaboration with other teachers.

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Today’s Guest


Sue Stubbs is a piano and woodwind teacher, writer, artist, and performer. Sue’s passion is bringing the joy of music and creativity into the lives of everyone around her. She has  published several short stories and performs regularly in a concert band, swing jazz  band and a covers duo. Sue is currently working on her first novel and is studying a Masters Degree in Learning and Teaching. Sue loves walking, reading, coffee and being mum to her three adult children and a rather needy but loveable dog. Sue holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, A.T.C.L Pianoforte Performance, and A.T.C.L Speech and Drama Teaching.


Julie Galan is a seasoned piano teacher from Prescott Valley, Arizona, with a diverse group of 36 students. Her pupils span the age spectrum, from lively preschoolers at the age of three and also adult students. Julie extends her teaching expertise to the online realm, conducting piano lessons through Zoom. Specializing in one-on-one interactions and group lessons, her passion for music education is evident in her personalized and engaging lessons.


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