356: Why Coaching Isn’t Just for Athletes – A Chat with Mike Grande

356: Why Coaching Isn’t Just for Athletes – A Chat with Mike Grande

In today’s show, one of our favourite podcast guests and TopMusic friend, Mike Grande, is back on the show. We dive into a rich conversation with him, spanning from the latest at his music schools and his platform Rock Out Loud Live, to his life-changing experience and trip to Africa. Mike shares insights from his new book, “From Teacher to Coach (And why you would NEVER want to be a Teacher),” delving into the profound impact of coaching in music education. Throughout the conversation, Mike emphasizes the power of building rapport and techniques like anchoring positive behavior. Tune in for an inspiring journey through the realms of music, education, and the transformative power of coaching.

  • Mike shared an update on his music schools and his platform, Rock Out Loud Live.
  • He reflects on his experience building music schools from scratch and buying an existing school.
  • His life-changing experience and the impact on the children in his trip to Rwanda.
  • Discussion about Mike’s new book: “From Teacher to Coach (And why you would NEVER want to be a Teacher).
  • The difference between a coach and a teacher.
  • The importance of developing rapport with its three elements – focus, language, and physiology.
  • The concept of anchoring positive behavior through consistent reinforcement.
  • Mike shares personal experiences of impactful coaches from his life and underscores the importance of expressing gratitude to mentors while they are still alive.
  • Some takeaways and the goal of his book.

Guest Links Mentioned

Links Mentioned

Today’s Guest

Mike Grande is the founder of Rock Out Loud Live and the owner of two elite music schools in New York and New Jersey. In November 2019, after spending over $650,000 building out his New Jersey school, Rock Out Loud, he was told he had to close due to COVID-19. As the music education world went to ZOOM for virtual music lessons, Mike decided to accelerate the production of his own Virtual Music Lesson Portal – RockOutLoud.live. RockOutLoud.live is the world’s FIRST Virtual Music Lesson portal designed for music educators that is three years in the making. When Mike is not rocking out at one of his music schools, he wears his corporate suit as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for a specialty financial institution on Park Avenue.


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