324: A Brand New Early Years Music Teaching Program that ROCKS!

324: A Brand New Early Years Music Teaching Program that ROCKS!
Today’s podcast episode is a great opportunity to hear more about Steven Armstrong and Brock Stannard-Brown from the Advantage Music Academy and their music teaching program. We started with a brief overview of the how their music academy started, the music teaching programs that they offer and what sets it apart from other programs. Steve and Brock discussed in depth two of their well-known programs, the Early Starters and the Head Start Piano. They also talk about the benefits of music education early in life, how they help kids develop a love of music, and what to look out for when considering joining their program in the future. And finally, Brock shared some tips for working with pre-school age students in order to get the most out of the learning process.
  • Steve shared a brief overview of the Advantage Music Academy.
  • Some of the music teaching programs that their offer in their music academy.
  • How their music teaching program differs from other programs.
  • The key learning outcomes they want to achieve with these programs.
  • The Early Starters program for kids ages 2 to 4.
  • The Head Start Piano program for kids ages 4 to 7.
  • Advantages for younger students when they start learning music early in life.
  • Releasing Head Start Piano program for other teachers.
  • Brock shared some tips for working with pre-school age students to get the most out of learning.
  • What kinds of teachers will the Head Start Piano program suit?

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      Today’s Guest

      324: A Brand New Early Years Music Teaching Program that ROCKS!

      Steven Armstrong

      Steven Armstrong is a multi-award-winning former lecturer of musicology with degrees in performance and educational leadership and over 20 years of piano teaching experience. He abandoned academia in 2018 to start Advantage Music Academy, which has become a profitable and well-loved brick-and-mortar music school in Perth, Western Australia. Steven leads a team of 11 teachers who see over 300 students weekly. The Academy’s success has led to an official industry partnership with the tertiary sector.

      Brock Stannard-Brown

      Brock Stannard-Brown is an experienced teacher in one-to-one and group contexts with degrees in composition and teaching. He is a full-time piano and early years’ teacher at Advantage Music Academy. He is in high-demand as a piano teacher and has expanded the early years’ programs at the Academy with incredible success, growing one program by over 300% in less than one year after assuming the role of the Academy’s Early Years’ Coordinator.

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