349: Selling Your Teaching Resources on Etsy with Abigail Proffitt

We’re delving into the world of selling your teaching resources online. Our guest today, Abigail Proffitt, currently runs a thriving studio in North Texas, specializing in preschool and neurodivergent students, where she imparts classical piano skills using a play-based approach through the Whole Foundation Method. But she’s not just about teaching, Abigail is passionate about equipping fellow educators.

In this episode, she generously shares her journey, offering insights into her music studio’s unique characteristics and her motivation to expand into selling products alongside her teaching. We’ll explore the platforms she chose for this venture, the advantages and disadvantages she’s encountered, and what makes her offerings stand out in a crowded market. Abigail also discusses her marketing strategies and provides valuable tips for teachers looking to embark on their own online selling journey. So whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, this episode is packed with wisdom and inspiration you won’t want to miss!

  • Abigail shared insights into her music studio’s current location, student demographics, age groups, and more.
  • What motivated her to expand into selling products and services alongside her piano teaching?
  • The main products that she sells and and what motivated her to select Etsy and Patreon as her platforms for selling.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of selling on platforms like Patreon or Etsy in comparison to Teachers Pay Teachers or maintaining your own website.
  • What sets her products and services apart from others on the market, considering the abundance of teachers selling their resources.
  • How she got started creating and selling.
  • Her approach to marketing and which channels have proven to be the most successful for her.
  • The hardest thing about making income from selling online.
  • The value of reviews for her online products and what strategies does she use to acquire them.
  • Abigail’s approach to selecting content for her Instagram posts.
  • Her advice and tips to teachers interested in selling products and services online.
  • The most important trait for teachers transitioning into successful online entrepreneurs.

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Today’s Guest

Abigail Proffitt is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music with a BMus in Piano Pedagogy and 8 years of teaching experience.She currently runs a studio in North Texas, specializing in preschool and neurodivergent students. Abigail teaches classical piano using a play-based approach through Whole Foundation Method, and loves equipping other teachers to do the same! Her favorite thing about teaching are problem-solving, building relationships with her students, and fostering their unique abilities at the instrument.

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