CPTP172: Getting value from professional development with Amy Comparetto

Have you ever considered joining a membership, attending a conference, getting coaching or studying further to expand your skill set and knowledge as a piano teacher but too worried about the cost of investment? 

My guest today is Inner Circle member, Amy Comparetto. She shares her experience on how she invests in her professional development and makes sure that every single penny she spends comes back to her studio. Amy also talks about her inspiring story on how she gained and even doubled her money back on the membership through teaching the ideas she learned in her studio.

This conversation with Amy has amazed me in so many ways! I invite you to listen in on the interview today to learn more about how you can manage your studio better and get a return on the investments you make in your professional development.


If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • [03:18] Amy’s story and her studio.
  • [04:53] Her current focus on her studio.
  • [05:18] She shares about the piano lessons she received as a child.
  • [06:37] The length of her teaching career and how she started teaching in her own studio.
  • [07:40] Getting her own studio and hiring other teachers.
  • [08:04] The steps she’s taking to grow her studio and number of students.
  • [09:34] What made Amy decide to join the Inner Circle.
  • [10:33] Amy’s feedback on the Inner Circle Membership.
  • [11:14] The workshops Amy ran.
  • [14:00] The amount she charged for the workshops.
  • [14:35] Discussing Return on Investment (ROI) in her business.
  • [16:23] Her studio space rental / purchase.
  • [17:48] How she came up with the workshop idea.
  • [19:00] Calculating ROI by including the time she spent working on the workshop.
  • [22:13] Inviting students to sign up for the workshop.
  • [23:25] Payments for the workshop and the software she uses for her studio.
  • [25:24] Using Quickbooks for her studio.
  • [26:16] Investing in her professional development.
  • [27:05] Amy’s future plans for her studio.
  • [29:25] Amy’s tips for other teachers who are worried about costs for professional development.

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    Do you invest on yourself professionally as a teacher?

    What benefits have you reaped from expanding your skill set and knowledge? What ideas did you implement to get a return on your investment?

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