CPTP178: Running Music Camps and Holiday Workshops in Australia [Case Study]

Are you open to the idea of exploring the world of music camps and holiday workshops in your area? Do you want to know what it takes to set these up?

My guest today, Sofie Arhontoulis, has been a piano teacher in South Australia since 1994, teaching in schools and in her private studio, Saili Music. She is also a gigging musician since graduating from the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide in 1991.

Sofie has over 25 years of professional experience in the teaching and performing industry, performing live and as a studio musician. 

Along with Sofie in this interview is her business partner Helen Favretto. These two amazing women have teamed up to run Kidz Jam Factor, offering music camps and art classes side by side during holidays. Find out how they entered and succeeded in this venture to spread their love for art and music and, at the same time, expand their studio marketing and add to their income as teachers.


If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • [03:27] Introduction for Sofie Arhontoulis.
  • [05:18] Introduction for Helen Favretto.
  • [06:10] The classes they offer for kids.
  • [07:06] Story behind the name of Kidz Jam Factor.
  • [07:30] Their inspiration for offering summer camps.
  • [09:50] The price at which they offer their classes.
  • [10:34] Using their networks and available facilities to offer their classes.
  • [10:57] Impacts on their business and student outcomes.
  • [12:07] How they offered the classes.
  • [13:44] The number of students they got for their classes.
  • [15:24] The length of their classes.
  • [16:45] The activities they conduct in their classes and how they introduce music.
  • [18:13] Their main reason for offering the classes.
  • [20:57] Starting their idea from scratch.
  • [21:50] Gaining repeat students and getting parent contact details.
  • [23:39] The classes they’ll be running in the next holidays and how they market it.
  • [25:24] Other types of marketing that they do.
  • [26:25] Tips for other piano teachers who are interested in offering camps too.
  • [28:03] How Sofie made her connections and was offered the use of a studio for free.

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