TC256: Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael Gumley

TopCast 256 - Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael Gumley

Learn about the common guitar teacher mistakes, why most guitar teachers and guitar methods get things wrong, gamification ideas for guitars, important mindset shifts for guitar teachers and music teachers, and so much more.

In the final episode of our three-part podcast series with our TopMusicPro Guitar head, Michael Gumley, we talk specifically about guitar teaching and teaching in general.

Whatever instrument you teach, you will definitely get awesome ideas and tips from this conversation.

  • [02:33] Biggest mistakes guitar teachers are making.
  • [07:12] Reading music and learning theories are still important but you don’t have to teach them upfront.
  • [10:57] Understanding the 7 Key Geometric Method.
  • [17:44] Gamification ideas in lessons.
  • [21:42] Encouraging students to practice.
  • [23:52] Mindset shifts guitar teachers should consider.
  • [25:34] Doing private versus group lessons.
  • [35:28] Tip for guitar teachers.

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Today’s Guest

TopCast 256- TopCast 256 - Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael GumleyTopCast 256 - Part Three: 7 Key Areas of Geometric Playing with Michael Gumley

Michael is a guitar teacher and music educator from Melbourne, Australia. He’s the owner and head teacher at  Melbourne Guitar Academy. Michael brings his passion for and love of all things guitar to each and every lesson and seeks to capture the same excitement and wonder that captivated him during his guitar journey with all of his students.

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