TC276: Using Facebook Groups and Social Media to Find New Students with Benjamin Nguyen

Topcast 276 - Using Facebook groups and social media to find new students with Benjamin Nguyen

In this episode, our guest Benjamin Nguyen is going to help us understand why social media is a fantastic way to nurture your community and encourage new student sign ups. It’s definitely one of the fastest ways to grow your studio because it has become embedded in our social culture so much that it’s increasingly difficult to think of growing a business without it. If you want to learn how you can use social media to your advantage in your studio, you’ll want to listen to this conversation.

  • Ben’s musical background and how he started teaching.
  • How Ben entered the space of helping music teachers with their marketing.
  • Biggest marketing shifts teachers have had to make during the last few years.
  • Is social media the best way to get teachers known to students today?
  • 3-step process for teaching teachers to get students using only their laptops.
  • How to use Facebook Groups for your studio.
  • 3 systems to have in your studio to see consistent growth.
  • When should you build your email list?
  • Top 3 tips from Ben to grow your studio.

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Today’s Guest

Ben Nguyen is an entrepreneur from California who attended San Diego State University and started his first piano lesson business at the age of 18. His musical background specializes in piano and percussion, and he enjoys performing along with teaching. Ben is a musician and consultant who helps music studios profit wildly through increasing the number of students and income. He strives to impact the lives of many students worldwide through sharing the experience of music. With the ongoing budget cuts of music programs in schools nationwide, the growth of music schools and studios is vital to the prosperity of music education.

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