TC287: Hook, Line and Sinker – Hesitant to Hero Challenge Day 4

We’re now in day 4 of our Hesitant to Hero Challenge series on the podcast and today’s topic is all about hook, line and sinker. The idea is to teach your students classical and pop hooks and riffs. We’ll be talking about how giving students modern pop hooks to play can build their identity as a musician. And it’s crucial in those preteen and young teenage years. If your students keep playing music, we’ll talk about a student versus teacher-led approach to teaching popular styles, how to keep current and some famous pop hooks and riffs! It’s going to be super fun!

  • The songs you need to teach your students.
  • Learning two different teaching approaches.
  • How to teach pop songs to kids.
  • Sarah shares her experience with teaching chord progressions and making lead sheets.
  • Tim gives an example of pieces and different ways to play and teach it.
  • Discussing today’s homework.
  • Sample homeworks.

Hook, Line and Sinker – Hesitant to Hero Challenge

Hook, Line and Sinker - Hesitant to Hero Challenge Day 4

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