TTTV035: Teaching outside the box with Lynette Barney

tim topham piano teaching podcast

Have you ever wondered how to make your studio stand out from the rest? Every piano teacher needs to find a niche. By thinking outside the box, Lynette has made her studio a unique experience for her students.

One of the biggest differences in Lynette’s piano studio is the way her lessons overlap. By carefully scheduling students in 90 minute slots, all students attend a private lesson, lab time and an ensemble lesson every week.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lynette also brings creativity into her lessons. She uses improvisation, lead sheets and transposing to give students a well-rounded and exciting music education. Like many piano teachers, she was not taught to improvise growing up; but through a little trial and error she has found ways to teach these valuable skills to her students. Trying something new doesn’t need to be scary, if we just take one new idea at a time.

No matter what type of piano studio you run, we can all learn something from Lynette’s positive attitude and willingness to embrace the unknown.


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