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The TopCast - The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

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The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify.

TC201: Unpacking Our New TopMusicPro Lite and Evolution Tiers
We all learn best when the best minds all come together, ask questions, support each other, share ideas. And that’s[...]
TC200: Jacob Collier Talks Music and Education
Jacob Collier, the 4-time Grammy award-winning young music legend from London, joins us today on a very special episode, no.[...]
TC199: How Rock Out Loud Outperforms Zoom for Music Lessons Online
Today we're taking a look at Rock Out Loud Live, which is well-positioned to take over Zoom's market share for[...]
TC198: Broadway Composer Andrew Gerle on the Art of Songwriting
In this episode, we'll meet Broadway composer Andrew Gerle and learn about the art of songwriting, sight reading and auditioning[...]
TC197: The Truth About Family Life and Piano Teaching with Rosemarie Penner Part 2
This episode is the second part of my conversation with Rosemarie Penner on balancing family life and piano teaching. Rosemarie[...]
TC196: The Truth About Family Life and Piano Teaching with Rosemarie Penner Part 1
Does teaching leave you depleted (and rather guilty when you're too tired to parent properly after work?) In this show[...]
TC195: How Tonara Motivates Students with Beth Horton
In this episode, we'll learn how Tonara motivates students. Beth Horton, Creative Education Specialist at Tonara, talks to us about[...]
TC194: Hone Piano Technique at tonebase, the Masterclass.com for Music Teachers with Ben Laude
Today we'll explore learning piano technique at tonebase from the top musical minds. Many of us wish we could think[...]
TC193: Leading a Performing Arts School Through COVID-19 and Beyond with Jeff Davison
Bedford Youth Performing Company co-founder Jeff Davison talks about leading a performing arts school through Covid-19 and beyond, on this[...]
TC192: The Flute Coach’s Non-Teaching Dream Studio
Hear one Australian mom's story about creating a non-teaching dream studio for flute lessons, where she runs the business while[...]

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